Saturday, August 28, 2004

heya.. been a long time sicce we've blogged.. so here i am blogging.. oh ya btw i'm nikki hor.. =) today was our last ttraining so we kinda surprised mr wee wif a happy coach day celebration like each person help up a lettter and scremed happy coach day.. he was real happy i think.. and it was veri fun too.. lol.. anyway.. dory..tiff..ruiqi and yisan went to coral to buy flowers for him too and we shared the cost.. yay! xin yi alsio bought a cake for him and so he was triply happy! =) lol.. anyway had a frendli today.. against bukit bartok sec.. we won 9 to 7 games! hooray! =) kk have to go now.. will blog another day.. byee! ps i think u guys should also blog u noe? =) and tag cos it'll be veri boring..

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

go read the draft i left in the dashboard i dont want outsiders to see it esp sec 234.renee

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

hey ppl..dorlisa here..abt todays quarrel..lets forget abt it can?shall not go into detail as other ppl might read this blog..some of us have already cleared the misunderstandings its lyk everyone's fault that the quarrel turned out so badly as no one wanted to give sorry k..lets make up and put everything behind us..and become closer frens instead..hope this situation will turn out liddat..and we noe nobody's perfect so lets be FRIENDS and always be there for one another.. ;) love all of ya..

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nikki here.. today's training was a veri sad one.. 3 people of sec1 nybt cried.. which was veri sad... i actually thought we had alot of EFFECTIVE team bonding.. budden it turned out to be not enough.. WHY? why come to this stage? i think that we should be more tolerant of each other in future k? after all.. we are all teammates and we will haf to depend alot on each other in the future..

anyway.. sadness aside.. how's our new template??? i think it's quite cute rite??? oh yes and we have a new tagboard.. budden dory doesn't want us to flood it wif crap.. try la.. budden quite difficult rite??? haha.. yiqi and ruisan.. =)

kk.. g2g now.. (just watched badminton olympics game.. singapore against china.. the champion.. although we lost.. we didn't lose by much.. 11-9, 11-4..)

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yup.. dorlisa's spot on.. let's forget bout it k??? i think it was all just a misunderstanding.. so let's move on and hope that this incident will make us closer friends k? =) i hope that yisan and xin yi are not too hurt.. cos u guys were kinda lyk crying badly.. love ya guys.. and don't brood over it too much..


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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

hiya! nikki here.. did u guys watch xi ling men last episode? so sad.. like promoting xi ling men 2.. they neva showed anithing then the ending veri suspenseful..

i wanna go for the malaysian trip!!!!!!!!! budden my family and i are going on a hol to new zealand.. and my mum doesn't want me to travel alone.. HAIZ.. but a lot of the sec 1s are not going.. ruiqi and liwen and yisan all not going..

watched singapore idol on monday.. it soooooo rawked! so damn funny the lemon tree guy.. HAHAHAHA! he wanted to be singapore's version of william hung.. oh ya and remember the guy wif the "dun turn up ur volume. this is the actual volume" sign? haha.. i was laughing like siao.. so funny oh yes and the guy who wasn't singing.. just saying some stupid words.. the one wif the "boun boun boun"

gonna watch today.. it's the bannana man episode.. GO BANANA MAN!!!!!!! =)

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Monday, August 02, 2004

BOO!!!!!!!! hee hee.. nikki here... long time we all neva tag rite? haha.. cip next next next sat.. [enough nexts or not?] haha.. gotta dance line dancing.. so fun.. then we'll serve drinks i think.. budden i hope i dun fall and drop all the drinks.. or mAyb i'll drink them all up b4 i even serve any!!!!!! haha.. so bad.. mr wee will prob chop my head off.. haha.. so excited.. can b a waitress.. haha.. LAME.. hee hee i hope we will keep updating unlike our dear sec 2 seniors who haven't updaated since feb.. haha.. k shall stop crapping now.. byee!

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

i hate ofeence but it is making my thighs bigger and it takes up alot of time.and its soooo tiring.aiya.but running game is fun!and trios.i dont know why but lately mr wee has been picking on me.anyway.i dont give a d**n.oopr wait i better replace the d word with stars.xinyi doesn't like hearing pple use it.ok.good.i'm dying at fact i'm rotting.flu plus sore throat plus.crap!!a porno advertisement just popped out.k.continue.headache plus slight fever.staying ta home is boring i prefer to go to school actually.not that i like lessons and homeworks.but there's my friends:)and fun.thats what i go to school for even though its a real bore you can call me crazy[actually this is a song lyrics]anyway see ya.i and dory owe everyone.we have to set the courts all by ourself during the net training.proovided i am well.byeee

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hiya! nikki here.. veri nice blog. thanks dory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya sistas! 

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hi ppl!!Hope you like this new blog..hehe..i dont know why i have created this blog..for fun i think..haha...whee!!!bye!!love ya all!!

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